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We Increase Marketing Pipeline Using Paid Advertising

We help B2B companies find winning campaigns by quickly testing messaging & creative, scale high advertising spend campaigns, and building out an internal team to maintain these results quarter after quarter.

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Does this sound like you?

Are your paid media campaigns falling flat?

Paid Media campaigns require proven strategy, creativity, and conversion optimization if they are going to be successful. Working with award winning paid media experts is crucial if you want to build an inbound machine for your business.

How We Can Help

Capture Demand & Generate Demand Using PPC & Paid Media

We build digital marketing campaigns with PPC platforms like Google and Bing to capture existing demand in the search engines. We also create demand using Paid Media platforms like LinkedIn to nurture prospects from problem aware, to solution aware, and finally to when they choose your product/service.

Capture Demand

At any given moment, roughly 3% of your market is ready to buy.

We capture this buying intent through major search engines like Google & Bing. By doing this, we are able to effectively show up first in search engines for keywords that would likely lead to a demo or sign up.

We always recommend starting your digital marketing efforts by capturing the existing demand that already exists in your market, while we begin to build demand using paid social. This helps ensure consistent increases in marketing pipeline over time.

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Create Demand

Roughly 97% of your market is not ready to buy. This means that in order to win their sales in the future, we must create demand by strategically placing paid media on channels where they consume content.

Most B2B decision makers spend time on LinkedIn to keep up with their industry and their network. We are able to place thought leadership content in front of your ideal customer profile to make them problem aware.

Once we have done this and the prospect has become problem aware, we are able to then follow up with them using solution oriented advertisements. We usually do this in the form of product marketing related ads, case studies, testimonials, competitor comparisons, etc.

After we have nurtured these prospects past the middle of the marketing funnel, we begin asking for them to take action. We do this by crafting copy that helps them “sell themselves” on why they should work with you.

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Focused on Revenue

We tie all campaign metrics into easy to use dashboards. We use these dashboards to help understand where our greatest return on investment is coming from and how our ad campaigns are contributing to marketing pipeline & revenue.

Using integrations between CRMs and Ad Platforms, we are able to optimize our campaign performance around deal size. By doing this, we are creating campaigns that focus on creating the highest amount of revenue - not the highest number of leads.

We usually are able to start seeing significant traction with our clients after the 90 day mark and then we consistently drive more marketing pipeline from winning campaigns on PPC & Paid Media channels.

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How we Help B2B Companies Find Winning Campaigns that Increase Marketing Pipeline

Source Strategy, Audiences, & Messaging

We leverage your deep industry insights to help narrow down audiences and messages that we can mix & match.

From there, we strategically choose paid media channels where we can distribute your message.

Our go-to channels include Google, Bing, LinkedIn, & Meta, however we have deep experience in Twitter, Reddit, and programmatic media buying.

Test, Track, Analyze, Repeat

Our agency (primarily Georgia Tech graduates) has deep analytical experience with data driven backgrounds.

We use confidence intervals and statistical significance tests to uncover if campaigns were in fact "better" than their counterparts.

By doing this, we are able to always work with the best campaigns and improve them iteratively using the scientific method.

Pipeline & Revenue Focus

Once your campaigns are launched, we keep track of marketing pipeline and marketing revenue.

Although we like to see great lead rates, they are not always indicative of the "best" campaigns.

We thoroughly understand that there are multiple steps in the buying cycle so although a lead may be cheap and easy to drive - they could also never turn into marketing pipeline, and therefore leading to wasted ad spend.

6 Big Reasons Why Our Clients Love Us

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Proven Strategy


Every business is different - but we have seen how our methods of capturing demand & creating demand work in virtually every industry. We will work with you to learn everything there is to know about your business - then we will execute using our proven campaign framework.



When you work with us, we are partnering with you to grow your business. That comes with exceptional communication and coordination with your team. We will communicate with you on Slack to ensure quick access to our team and to effectively organize our conversations so everyone is on the same page - all the time.

AB Testing


We aren’t the set it and forget it kind of agency. Once your campaign is live, we are testing at three major levels. The campaign level, the ad level, and the landing page level. By doing this, we always have new learnings that we can optimize around to continually improve your campaign’s performance.

Landing Pages


Don’t have a landing page? Want us to create one that’s optimized and uses the StoryBrand Framework? We have got you covered. Get a stunning landing page optimized for conversions built in Webflow in record time.

Content & Creative


Don’t have an in-house designer or copywriter? Don’t worry, we have you covered. We have designers & copywriters that will craft scroll-stopping designs, ebooks, whitepapers, etc. And our copy helps your prospects “sell themselves” on why they should use your product/service.

MarTech Pros


Tired of managing your pixels? Or syncing leads from LinkedIn to Hubspot? We have no-code specialists that will take care of any automation you need built. Generally speaking, we will find a way to tie your deal values from your CRM back into your ad platforms so that we can eliminate manual work and ensure leads are worked in a timely manner.

Find Winning

We will test messaging quickly using paid media to find a highly scalable campaign. This means that we will find a strategy, audience, and message that drives high return on advertising spend.

Scale High Ad Spend

While ad spend increases, return on advertising spend usually drops. Our solution helps minimize ROAS loss while scaling high ad spend campaigns. We do this by intentionally testing new platforms each quarter and allocating more spend to channels that show high ROI.

Build Your Internal Team

Once inbound pipeline is consistently growing, we will help build out an internal team, to maintain these results. We will hire specialists, managers, and eventually a CMO to manage the processes and team we have built.

"They're innovative and creative, and have such a passion for their work. As a startup, we need frequent pivoting, and they are so flexible and ready for trying new things."
Valentina Flores, CEO @ Red Sentry
"With Ians help we generated an additional six figures a month in revenue."
Alex Thomas, Co-Founder @ Red Sentry
"They took a very strategic and innovative approach, always staying up to date on the newest trends and ideas."
Weaver Ellard, VP of Revenue @ Rule 1 Ventures

Our Services

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Google/Bing Ads


We create ads that show up at the top of the Google/Bing Search.

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LinkedIn Ads


We build LinkedIn ads campaigns that drive qualified prospects to your landing pages.

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Meta Ads


We will manage your Meta Ads and reach your ICP on Facebook & Instagram.

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Meet Our Small But Optimized Team

See what we did there? 😉

Lily Moore
Lily Moore

Graphic Designer

Ian Binek
Ian Binek

CEO & Advertising Lead

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Optimize Your Marketing - #1 Marketing Optimization Agency

Get An Inbound Machine That Generates Leads on Autopilot in 30 Days or We Pay You

Rated 5 Stars From 30+ Reviews




Award Winning Agency


Case Studies

CEO or Founder struggling with inbound deal flow every month

Do any of these resonate with you? 😵


You don't have time to do it yourself.


You don't know where to start.


Managing multiple agencies is complex and inefficient.


There's no clear path forward due to fragmented earlier initiatives & false starts.


You're done with solutions that are eating into your time.


It's risky to hire internally due to giving up equity & the time investment needed to onboard.


FOMO about what's latest with AI & Inbound/Outbound Campaigns is immobilizing.


You can't help but wonder if you would be overpaying for an under-delivering agency.


There's a way out 🙏

🤫 We've already worked with 10's of B2B SaaS & cybersecurity companies and we have found that an inbound marketing system is the only way to consistently drive leads on autopilot each month 🤫

So we put together the best damn offer on the market for B2B SaaS and Cybersecurity companies looking to build out an optimized inbound deal system that brings qualified leads every month.

Our Completely Done For You, 30 Day Guaranteed Marketing Machine Includes:

🗣️ Brand & Persona Workshop

Get a grasp of who you are speaking to with all of your owned marketing collateral.

In this 60 minute meeting, we will instantly get caught up to speed on who your ICP is and how we can reach them.

🧲 Lead Magnet Development

Low ticket offers set the stage for high ticket offers later in the sales funnel.

We will craft bespoke lead magnets like ROI calculators, downloadable ebooks, whitepapers, market research reports, and more so that we can passively attract new leads into your marketing nurture sequence (more on this sequence later).

🕸️ Optimized & Future Proof Webflow Website

Squarespace, Wix, and Wordpress just don’t cut it anymore. You’ve got to build your brand and the best way to do that is with a well designed Webflow site that boasts incredible SEO functionality, uncompromising website security, and future proof ways to ensure you aren’t rebuilding your website in the next 5-10 years.

We will build this for you in 30 days - meaning your new site will attract and delight everyone who views it - leaving them more likely to work with you & refer you as an industry leader

📈 Programmatic SEO Boost (100+ New SEO Optimized Pages)

SEO takes time - is a saying of the past. With the dawn of AI and no code platforms - we have discovered a new way to garner more users to your website, FAST.

We will build a database, hook it up to your webflow site, and mass produce 10s of 100s of pages to your site that will bring more clicks faster than any other SEO campaign might.You will receive more clicks in just 30 days than you will from traditional SEO campaigns might drive in 3 months. (Re: Review TruckerCloud’s PSEO case study)

🖱️ PPC campaigns that capture existing demand

All buying decisions start in the search engine. Once a buyer is informed about their problem, and the broad solutions on the market - it’s time to find a service provider.

That’s where PPC campaigns come in. We will develop campaigns that hyper focus on select terms that we identify as key conversion point terms that your ICP searches for right before they enter into sales conversations.

📱 Social media campaigns to generate demand & stay top of mind

Unlike informed buyers - most of your ICP is not ready to buy your solution because of 1 of 2 reasons:

1. They don’t know it exists (usually for our B2B SaaS clients that are making a market)
2. They are already locked into a vendor for the time being (most cybersecurity companies we serve)

Regardless, we must get in front of your ICP and generate demand using targeted social media advertising campaigns that systematically introduce their problems and how they are solved by your solutions.

✉️ Automated email marketing nurture sequences to follow up with new & expired leads

Great, someone entered your CRM - perhaps from a lead magnet - or potentially a lead has gone cold.That’s where your automated drip sequence comes in. This automated email sequence is the lifeblood of your business. It accomplishes educating your prospects of your solution, as well as keeping you top of mind for lapsed customers & leads.

🛤️ Clear conversion tracking w/ Qualitative & Quantitative data

We are data driven in the quantitative and qualitative sense. When you work with us, you will have the best possible tech stack installed on your site with reports that paint a crystal clear picture of what’s working & what’s not. And we are able to dive deeper into the numbers by analyzing website session recordings, heatmaps, and scroll depth analysis to understand how your website users are engaging with your brand - and how that affects your inbound ROI.

🤐 Completely done for you

That’s right. We are doing this almost all entirely for you. We will need your help getting caught up to speed with your brand and your ICP - as well as any existing marketing campaigns & CRM - but after that all that is required is your approval & feedback on everything we are producing.

⏰ In 30 days or we pay you

We are so excited for you. When have you ever worked with an agency, or anyone for that matter, who has delivered high quality mechanisms every single week for 30 days straight. We are willing to be never - but even if you have - then you know that this is rare. And we are so confident that we will complete this whole system for you in 30 days - but if we don’t - we will pay you back every penny. (but that’s not going to happen ;))

our results

How we are able to do this in 30 days ⌛

We have spent years crafting this offer and we are confident that there is literally nothing like it out there.

Of course you could work with 5-6 different marketing agencies to build each of these out - but that wouldn't be efficient for your capital or time.

  • You would need to hire someone internally to manage all of these agencies
  • And most agencies fail in multi-agency agreements because 1-2 of the agencies handling any one of these critical inbound mechanisms is bound to fail
  • And when one fails, it drastically impacts the rest

🥳 That's why we have invented this all in one, done for you offer with a guarantee. It cannot be beat - let alone copied by others 🥳

Social media campaigns to generate demand & stay top of mind
Automated email marketing nurture sequences
Clear conversion tracking w/ Qualitative & Quantitative data

Our 30+ client's love us, and you will too

Brett Renken

Ian is an incredible digital marketer and a pleasure to work with.

VP of Marketing, Clutch
David Traxler

Ian delivered 4-6x return on our digital advertising efforts. Will reengage soon. Highly recommend.

Director of Sales, Rule 1 Ventures
Jordan Johnson

Ian is so focused on getting results and using the optimal resources and investment to do so.

Group Account Director, Iris Worldwide
Peyton Kirkley

Working with Ian was an absolute pleasure. He is an expert in his field.

Account Executive, Red Sentry
Alex Hoskins

Ian communicates well and is honest and trust worthy.

President, 121Gm
Abby Nichols

They brought incredible creativity, strategic thinking, and dedication to driving results in our campaigns.

Head of Customer Success, Bank Shot
Alex Thomas

With Ian's help we generated an additional six figures a month in revenue.

Chief Technology Officer, Red Sentry
April Kenyon

We have been happy customers and cannot think of any areas to improve on!

Account Executive, Coast to Coast
Suneetha Sajja

More prospects are finding us online, and sales opportunities are up.

Account Executive, Roxwrite
Jay Bland

They learn your business, trust your insight, and deliver accordingly.

Chief Growth Officer, GreenCourt
John Kaufman

They were timely with their posts and responses to reviews.

Owner, Partners II Pizza
Johnny Bond

They were able to take our brand from a relatively unknown product to the #1 organic search.

CEO, FactorCloud
Frank Trammer

Their exceptional communication skills and high level of organization truly sets them apart.

CEO, Guardian Leadership
Fraser Ellard

Optimize Your Marketing is very responsive to our vision and implements changes quickly and thoroughly.

Co-Founder, Dodeka Digital
Reed Peets

Ian's affable personality made our time together enjoyable.

Account Executive, TruckerCloud
John Timar

I was very pleased with our work together.

CEO, Kill Cliff
Weaver Ellard

They took a very strategic and innovative approach, always staying up to date on the newest trends and ideas.

VP of Revenue, Rule 1 Ventures
Valentina Flores

I never had to worry about deadlines or status, because I knew things would be done.

CEO, Red Sentry
"They're innovative and creative, and have such a passion for their work. As a startup, we need frequent pivoting, and they are so flexible and ready for trying new things."
Valentina Flores, CEO @ Red Sentry
"With Ians help we generated an additional six figures a month in revenue."
Alex Thomas, Co-Founder @ Red Sentry
"They took a very strategic and innovative approach, always staying up to date on the newest trends and ideas."
Weaver Ellard, VP of Revenue @ Rule 1 Ventures

🔍 Why you shouldn't look any where else…

Alright alright, this is all sounding great - but perhaps you don't believe us when we say this is a ONE OF A KIND OFFER that you most certainly will not find anywhere else.

We have done the research for you and put it together in a nice little table below 👇 (Swipe >)

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Other Agencies

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Let Us Help You

We’ve been recognized by Clutch and other 3rd party sites as a top tier PPC, Social Media, SEO, and Web Design agency. The awards speak for themselves.

A Letter From Our Founder

Our founder, Ian Binek
Adventuring with friends in Zion!
Optimize Your Marketing Team hard at work

From the Desk of Ian Binek
Currently Salt Lake City, Utah
Beautiful, Sunny Day
Wed May 15, 2024

Re: Why you should consider us…

Well, I’d be a little concerned if you weren’t skeptical. Unfortunately the digital marketing industry is plagued by fly by night agencies that overpromise and under deliver. I am willing to bet that 90% of the industry are these kinds of agencies. 

And when you think about it, it’s really simple to say you own an ads agency. All someone needs to do is create a website, make a video claiming they’re the best, create the campaign on Facebook/Google and hit publish.

Done. Easy.

What’s not easy to do, however, is…

    • Lead growth marketing for numerous B2B & B2C organizations
    • Recognize REAL & TANGIBLE growth for these companies (watching them grow YoY)
    • Have clients renew, refer, and upgrade because of the success they’re seeing
    • Spend an enormous amount of time deeply understanding the industries we serve
    • Build an offer that is one of a kind - and know for certain it’s a win-win offer for everyone involved
    • Devote a quarter of your life to a cause bigger than yourself

That’s what you get when you work with Optimize Your Marketing.

We have “been there” and “done that” for our B2B SaaS & Cybersecurity clients - and know a thing or two about taking your business from 0 to $100,000K Inbound MRR in just under a year. (Re: Red Sentry’s Case Study)

I am so proud to continue to build out Optimize’s systems and offering to bring the highest value & fastest results possible to our clients as we build up our agency as the GO TO inbound marketing agency in America.

We seek to not only bring incredible results, but to delight you during the whole process. We pride ourselves on our exceptional communication & responsiveness. You may be new to this whole inbound thing, and so our goal is to answer all of your questions before you even need to ask them.

That’s what a great marketing partner does - leaves no room for interpretation. Never worry if you are getting the best results possible - because spoiler alert - you always will when you work with us.

I can’t wait to meet you + build your inbound marketing machine.

Until then…

Ian Binek

Founder, Optimize Your Marketing

success or we pay you

30 Day Guarantee…

 In the B2B SaaS & Cybersecurity world, timing & speed is everything. That’s why we build your inbound machine fast. 30 days from now, you could have a completely brand new machine that generates leads on autopilot. That is guaranteed, or we will pay you back your deposit with no questions asked. 

P.S. We have never had to enact the guarantee - everyone has always gotten their machine complete in 30 days or less.

Still confused?

We are different. So check out some frequently asked questions our now clients had before starting.
How much does it cost?
Can’t I do this on my own or hire someone in-house?
What if my ICP isn’t on social media?
Do you have any success stories?
How do you communicate?
What if I’m not happy?

Let us build the same inbound marketing system we have built for B2B SaaS & CyberSecurity companies that are making well into the 6 figures each month all from inbound marketing mechanisms.