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LinkedIn Marketing for Crypto Accounting Solutions Firm

Optimize Your Marketing provided LinkedIn marketing services for a crypto accounting solutions firm. The team created three campaign groups integrated with retargeting metrics.
Client Name
LinkedIn Advertising
Built full funnel LinkedIn Advertising campaigns & starting delivering 2x ROI in 30 days
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Foster Schlienz
Growth Lead

About Integral

Foster approached us about advertising on LinkedIn. We were tasked with creating a campaign that strategically targeted decision makers of crptocurrency and Web3 firms. Without a lead list, and no easy way of crafting one, they were flying blind and needed out help to strategically target and build demand from these folks.

We contracted Ian at Optimize Your Marketing for a retargeting campaign and audience job, to which he went above and beyond to work on in a timely manner. The key deliverables were to create 3 different campaign groups, each with their own campaigns and different retargeting metrics in each. He 100% delivered, and took the time to answer our many questions. Thank you Ian!

Foster Schlienz

The Optimize Strategy

How We Built Their Campaigns

We conducted a persona & branding workshop. In order to develop a list of their ICP, we needed to thoroughly understand who decision makers were, as well as influencers were. From there, we were able to uncover the job titles, functions, and company firmographics that we could target on LinkedIn.

From there, we developed the campaign targeting further by targeting interest groups and in market segments to really refine the target audience to less than 10,000 people. This was crucial for driving a high CTR %. Finally, we setup matched audiences to strategically retarget the decision makers with more advertisements later on - which qualified them and resulted in lead flow.

Ian is very knowledgeable about paid ads. Even where we were going through our initial consultation call and I was showing him what we had so far, he knew exactly where to look at for optimization and refinement.

Foster Schlienz


After completing the campaign setup, Foster's campaigns for Integral starting driving interested leads that produced 2 opportunities in 30 days. These opportunities were huge because their average customer value is $20,000 so we immediately recognized a positive ROI in the first 30 days. This is uncommon, and is more likely to take 2-3 months before a 2-3x ROI is recognized. We were very pleased to Setup and Optimize Integral's campaigns and look forward to continued engagement with them.

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