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B2B SaaS (Government Agency Tech)

Web Design & SMM for Government Software Company

Optimize Your Marketing manages the social media presence and drip campaigns for a government software company. The team has also redesigned the website to increase traffic and SEO rankings.
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Social Media Marketing & Web Design
Increased Social Media Engagement by 300% in 30 Days Resulting in Increased Deal Flow
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Jay Bland
GreenCourt, Chief Growth Officer

About GreenCourt

GreenCourt is a government agency software and they were struggling with driving inbound marketing deal flow. They approached Optimize to help increase deal flow from their very niche audience using social media marketing & doing a comprehensive rehaul of their website's UI and UX.

The best part about this team is their communication skills. They set expectations, update accordingly, and deliver results.

Jay Bland

The Optimize Strategy

Website Rehaul

When we started working together, we identified that their website's performance was lacking. It boasted a 89% bounce rate and user drop off right around 1 page. This was not going to cut it if we wanted to drive inbound marketing deal flow. So we worked with our internal designers to construct a new website map that included new content that their users would find useful and enrich the entire user experience. We developed this site in Wordpress and although we urged to build in Webflow for a faster delivery, they insisted on the longer delivery time to keep it in their existing Wordpress environment. The result was an exceptional website in Wordpress that not only loaded 150% faster, but also dropped bounce rate to a very healthy 40%.

Social Media Marketing

GreenCourt worked with us to get us caught up to speed on their target clientele, as well as their brand's guidelines. Once we were aligned, we were off developing their content marketing calendar. We approached their social media efforts in 2 ways:

  1. We wanted to stay top of mind with their audience so we posted 3-4 times per week on all of their social media channels. We adjusted the imagery and copy to match what users might expect on those platforms.
  2. We wanted to establish Jay, and the GreenCourt team as thought leaders, so we created a podcast that Jay would host with industry experts in the space.

They are fast learners. They learn your business, trust your insight, and deliver accordingly.

Jay Bland


At the end of our 6 month engagement, we had designed a completely new website in Wordpress which dropped bounce rate considerably, developed a system that allowed them to source, write, and post content 4 times a week, and launched 3 podcasts with 3 more slated after our engagement. It was great to work with GreenCourt and look forward to future collaborations.

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