Ian Binek

Ian Binek

CEO & Advertising Lead

Work Experience:

B2B Marketing, B2B SaaS, B2B Financial, B2B Cybersecurity

Ian was born with a fascination for business. In elementary school, he sold his Halloween candy at lunch for nickels and dimes - just so he could buy cookies from the lunch counter. Ian officially stepped into the digital marketing world in 2017 when he started his first marketing agency while still a senior in high school. He grew his business and his marketing skills while studying at Georgia Tech. After graduating, he spent three years working for Fortune 500 B2B, small disruptive B2C, and Unicorn B2B SaaS companies. His final full time role was as the Growth Marketing Manager at a venture capital firm in Buckhead, Georgia.

Ian has a deep passion for finding the newest technologies and implementing them in unique ways for his agency and his clients. He has seen the rapid growth that B2B SaaS companies experience from inbound optimization and "technology hedging" - the process of iterating and testing new strategies over and over until you find a winner. With years of experience, and a voracious appetite to bring results - Ian is sure to impress you at every stage of your engagement.