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The Optimize Your Marketing Podcast is a dedicated space for B2B digital marketers and entrepreneurs to connect and discuss the latest trends in the digital marketing space. Expect interviews from some of the brightest minds in the B2B marketing space who are in charge of marketing teams, SEO, Paid Media, PPC, Social Media, and Web Design.

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Design Create is a podcast for designers and creatives by designers and creatives about design. Your host Derrick Mckinny takes you through the highs and lows of their profession. They talk about the tough lessons they've learned along the way and how you can avoid making the same mistakes.

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Top Mistakes CMOs in B2B SaaS Companies Make

Ian Binek interviews Ben Scandlen, the CEO of Mosaic Growth Solutions, about fractional CMOs and the B2B SaaS marketing industry.

Marrying Data & Design Ft. Weaver & Fraser Ellard | S2 Ep3

In this pod, I sit down with Weaver and Fraser Ellard of Dodeka Digital to discuss attributing revenue to all marketing activities - and prepping campaigns to be beautifully designed before going live.

Unveiling hidden secrets of SEO with Alec Beard | Ep 013

In this pod, I will be chatting with Alec Beard, CEO of StoryWon and discussing cutting edge SEO hacks that you can use to rise in the Google Search rankings.

Discover the Secrets of B2B Marketing Automation with Jon Farah | Ep 012

In today's podcast, I got a chance to interview B2B Marketing Automation expert Jon Farah. Jon is the founder of PBLC and has been an agency friend for over a year now.

The Best Free Marketing Tech Stack in 2024 | Ep 011

In this pod, In this blog, we will cover the primary components of your tech stack and what we recommend in terms of free software to install on your site.

9 Google Search Ad AB Tests That Optimize Our Accounts | Ep 010

In this pod, I will cover our top 9 Google Search Ad AB tests that we run in virtually every one of our accounts when we are trying to lower CPL and increase CTR.

The First 3 Paid Media AB Tests We Run For New Ad Campaigns | Ep 009

In this pod, we will cover what AB testing is, common pitfalls of ab testing, and the first 3 paid media campaign ab tests we like to run for our clients.

7 Deadly LinkedIn Ads Sins You're Probably Making | Ep 008

In this pod, I discuss 7 big problems I see in audited LinkedIn Ads accounts and how you can avoid them.

Paid Media Optimization | Ep 007

Learn about Paid Media Optimization and how we do it at Optimize Your Marketing.

About your host

👋 Hi there! I am Ian Binek

I have a curious mind and am always looking to learn. The Optimize Your Marketing Podcast is all about keeping up with the latest digital marketing growth hacks that marketing leaders and entrepreneurs are using to increase marketing pipeline & revenue for their companies they work for. Interested in being a guest? Send me a DM on LinkedIn :)