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The Optimize Your Marketing Podcast is a dedicated space for B2B digital marketers and entrepreneurs to connect and discuss the latest trends in the digital marketing space. Expect interviews from some of the brightest minds in the B2B marketing space who are in charge of marketing teams, SEO, Paid Media, PPC, Social Media, and Web Design.

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Design Create is a podcast for designers and creatives by designers and creatives about design. Your host Derrick Mckinny takes you through the highs and lows of their profession. They talk about the tough lessons they've learned along the way and how you can avoid making the same mistakes.

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The First 3 Paid Media AB Tests We Run For New Ad Campaigns | Ep 009

In this pod, we will cover what AB testing is, common pitfalls of ab testing, and the first 3 paid media campaign ab tests we like to run for our clients.

7 Deadly LinkedIn Ads Sins You're Probably Making | Ep 008

In this pod, I discuss 7 big problems I see in audited LinkedIn Ads accounts and how you can avoid them.

Paid Media Optimization | Ep 007

Learn about Paid Media Optimization and how we do it at Optimize Your Marketing.

Demand Cap vs Demand Gen | Ep 006

In this pod, we will cover what is demand capture, how it's different from demand generation, and why you should incorporate it into your marketing campaign mix.

How To Build Demand in 2024 | Ep 005

In this pod, we will cover the 2024 marketing landscape and explain that demand generation for B2B companies needs to be a cornerstone in their marketing efforts.

Build it Once, Use it Twice | Ep 004

In this pod, you will learn how we approach creating paid media campaigns for our clients and how we can build 1 piece of content and 1 landing page that we can repurpose many different times to keep creative fresh and your ICP intrigued. We hope you share and enjoy!

How We Setup Optimized LinkedIn Ads Campaigns | Ep 003

When I audit LinkedIn Ads accounts, I always notice $100s, if not $1000s, in wasted ad spend. In this post, I share quick tips to make sure your ad accounts are firing on all cylinders.

The 3 Basic Levers All Marketing Campaigns Have | Ep 002

Learn more about the 3 basic components of every marketing campaign and how we reverse engineer the path to product/market fit with them.

How we Set Up Optimized Paid Search Campaigns for B2B Companies | Ep 001

This post is all about the secrets to setting up best-in-class Paid Search campaigns in 2024. These are lessons learned through $100,000s spent on Google/Bing over the past decade. Hope you find this practical guide informative and use it the next time you are setting up your PPC campaigns :) 

About your host

👋 Hi there! I am Ian Binek

I have a curious mind and am always looking to learn. The Optimize Your Marketing Podcast is all about keeping up with the latest digital marketing growth hacks that marketing leaders and entrepreneurs are using to increase marketing pipeline & revenue for their companies they work for. Interested in being a guest? Send me a DM on LinkedIn :)