May 7, 2024

Choose the Best Google Ads Agency: Our Proven SOS Framework

Learn more about our setup, optimize, and scale framework works with Google Ads.

Ian Binek

CEO & Advertising Lead

Seeking optimal results from your Google Ads? A Google Ads agency specializes in precisely that—leveraging industry expertise to elevate your campaigns and deliver measurable success. Learn how the right agency can sharpen your advertising strategies, save you time, and boost your ROI, plus find tips on choosing the best agency for your business within this guide.

Key Takeaways

  • Partnering with a Google Ads agency like Optimize Your Marketing unlocks specialized expertise, saves precious time, and enhances campaign performance for better online visibility and customer engagement.
  • Continuous optimization strategies, including advanced keyword research, demand creation, AB testing, and data-driven decision-making, ensure prolonged success and a high ROI for Google Ads campaigns.
  • Optimize Your Marketing offers a comprehensive suite of services, including custom digital strategy, paid search and media management, and impactful creative design and copywriting, all aimed at maximizing the effectiveness of Google Ads campaigns.

Why Partner with a Google Ads Agency?

Illustration of a team brainstorming Google Ads strategies

Partnering with Google. Ads agencies can serve as a strategic impetus for elevating your business’s online visibility and engaging more customers. Delving into the reasons that make choosing such an agency a wise decision is illuminating.

Expertise in Google Ads Management

Agencies specializing in Google Ads, especially those recognized as Google Partners, are equipped with a team of experts well-versed in the nuances and advanced functionalities of Google Ads. Their expertise significantly improves your chances to achieve business objectives. They continuously monitor and adapt to new developments and strategies within Google Ads, ensuring that your advertising efforts remain impactful.

These professionals are adept at:

  • Skillfully handling data privacy concerns
  • Grouping together search terms with less activity into relevant subthemes or under ‘other queries’ for insights on search terms, which ensures that your advertisements reach the intended demographic.
  • Discerning key distinctions between insights from search terms and the reports they generate—vital for precise conversion tracking and managing low-frequency queries

Time-Saving Advantages

For businesses, time is an invaluable asset. Entrusting your Google account to Google. Ads management to specialized agencies can afford you significant time savings by meticulously overseeing every element of your Google Ads campaigns, including their creation, monitoring, and enhancement.

These agencies utilize sophisticated tools and unique analytical methods that enable them to assess ad performance with greater efficiency. They’ve honed their processes for managing Google Ads campaigns in a way that surpasses the efficiencies typically achieved through internal handling. This affords companies like yours additional bandwidth to focus on fundamental business activities and strategic projects.

Improved Campaign Performance

Engaging with an ads agency specialized in Google Ads can elevate the effectiveness of your advertising efforts. These agencies offer a comprehensive suite of optimization services designed to improve various aspects of your ad campaigns such as:

  • Undertaking detailed testing and analysis for performance enhancement
  • Refining keyword targeting to increase relevance and impact
  • Amplifying return on ad spend through strategic allocation
  • Applying automated tools for smart budget management
  • Installing conversion tracking features that help identify new customer segments and amplify returns

With professional Google Ads management services, you’re better positioned to harness refined strategies aimed at boosting the success rate of your marketing initiatives.

Such agencies delve into existing google ads accounts, leveraging past performance data to tailor bespoke campaigns poised to drive lead generation and sales conversions. Ensuring ongoing monthly adjustments within Google Ads campaigns aims at maximizing ROI by making well-informed decisions regarding budget allocations, thereby fostering profitable expansion. This methodical approach has led clients toward remarkable achievements including doubling their online sales figures alongside substantial surges in website visitation rates.

Optimize Your Marketing: Our Approach to Google Ads Campaigns

Artistic representation of optimizing Google Ads campaigns

At Optimize Your Marketing, we implement a methodical strategy for launching Google Ads campaigns that are customized according to the client’s objectives and insights derived from market research. We will delve into our unique methodology for managing Google Ads campaigns, focusing on harnessing current demand, generating new demand via paid media channels, and perpetually refining our approach for optimal results.

Capturing Existing Demand

We conduct comprehensive keyword research to ensure that our ads are displayed for pertinent search inquiries, thereby capturing the existing market demand. Our focus is directed towards long-tail keywords that signal purchase intention, including terms like ‘buy,’ ‘purchase,’ or ‘quote.’’ The search terms report is utilized to monitor which queries prompt ads impressions and clicks, allowing us to fine-tune our keyword targeting while making certain that both creative materials and landing page content resonate with user searching patterns.

In order to boost campaign performance, we establish distinct ad groups for various product categories. These groups include crafted advertisements containing targeted keywords reflective of consumer intent. We hold the conviction that enriching the advertising experience through interactive elements such as call-to-action buttons, extra links, and location information can elevate interaction metrics exemplified by click-through rates.

Creating Demand Through Paid Media

Generating demand is an essential element in our strategy for Google Ads campaigns. Through paid media efforts, such as paid search initiatives, we can swiftly connect with potential customers to enhance visibility and interaction while also boosting revenue across several platforms including social media and search engines.

To achieve success with our paid media approach, it’s important to spread out the advertising mixture among various channels and formats of ads. This broadens exposure and offers critical data regarding how audiences engage with the content.

Continuous Optimization

We believe in continuous optimization to ensure the success of our Google Ads campaigns. We employ the following strategies for continuous optimization:

  • AB testing to compare ad variations and make data-driven decisions
  • Continuous monitoring, management, and ongoing optimization processes like AB testing and keyword research
  • Data-driven goals and effective use of analytics tools for interpreting campaign data and developing meticulous digital strategies

These strategies guarantee prolonged success in your Google Ads campaigns, making it essential to have a well-planned Google Ads strategy.

We also implement conversion tracking and server-side tools such as GA4-imported goals to capture conversions and obtain precise insights for campaign optimization. We believe a balanced optimization approach that combines manual efforts with automation leads to better growth outcomes for our clients.

Introduction to the SOS Framework

At Optimize, we like to save you as much skin from the game as possible - so we have coined our SOS framework. With this framework, our goal is to Setup great campaigns with refined campaign settings, then Optimize the campaigns so that we are consistently driving better performance, and finally Scale the winning campaigns so that we drive the best results possible while doubling down on the work we have done to get to this point.

Let’s break down each part of the framework for Google search ads.

How We Setup Google Search Ads

Whether we are starting out from scratch with no prior advertising data or we are entering your account that has tons of previous campaign data - we first get aligned with you, the client.

We want to understand what your goals are, who your ideal customer profile is, and what you can afford right now for your advertising budget. Generally this happens during week 1 of our engagement with client’s and it’s crucial we setup systems & establish realistic benchmarks/KPIs so that our team can hit them for you in the next 45-90 days.

Once we have this information, it’s time for us to develop a keyword strategy for your campaign. We use a mix of software to do this, but one of our favorites includes Semrush to look at what your competitors are bidding on, as well as to steal ad copy from their best performing campaigns. We also use the Google Keyword Planner to get Google’s input on what our performance is going to look like when we run your campaigns (usually it isn’t all that accurate - but can help with our benchmarks).

From the Keyword strategy, it’s time to develop your Google Search Ads campaign. Quick caveat - if you have an existing campaign that is already running and driving good ROI, then we would skip straight to our Optimize framework.

Campaign setup is all about picking the best settings to ensure your ads are getting in front of the right audience, all the time. A lot of un-optimized campaign setups include location inaccuracies, keywords that are too broad, and missing audience observations that are all contributing to expensive and ineffective campaigns.

We have broken down the complete campaign setup in another blog, however here is the quick and dirty around setting up our Google Search campaigns.

We choose Max Clicks or ECPC as our campaign’s bidding strategy to start because if the account is fresh then it won’t have conversion data to help the campaign.

We ensure that we are targeting the conversion actions we care most about - in most cases this is a form submission or purchase. Both of which will need setup before starting the campaign.

We check a few settings like Locations & Audiences - Locations needs to be set to permanent address, not interest in (which is the default). Audiences need to be set to observational and in market segments must be added to help inform our demand generation campaigns on Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn.

Last, we setup excellent responsive search ads with maxed out extensions. If we are interested in leads, then we use lead form extensions and setup an automation to send lead info to our shared slack channel.

Once the campaigns are staged - all that is left is to press publish! At this point, the Setup piece of our SOS framework has been fulfilled. Now it’s time to move into the Optimize stage.

How We Optimize Our Google Search Ads

I mention this to all of our clients, but campaign setup is 20% of the management an agency actually provides. This is because there are only so many settings that can be refined from the onset of a campaign. The real work that an agency does is once the campaign is humming and things need improved. So let’s get into what that looks like.

Within Google Search Ads, there are many levers that can be pulled to improve campaign performance. Generally we sort these levers into first and second phase optimizations we look to make. Let’s talk through first phase optimizations.

The first phase optimizations include major campaign settings like bidding strategy, keyword match types, and audience targeting/day-parting. With the first or the second phase optimizations, the way we test these is to setup a custom experiment. These custom experiments can be placed natively in the Google Search Ads manager and let you test 1 variable against another - while keeping all other settings the same so that we can know for certain if the 1 change contributed to the increase / decrease in campaign performance.

Each experiment we run takes roughly 2-4 weeks to get enough data to make a commanding decision on if the change should be implemented into our campaign permanently or not. So if there are 3 first phase optimizations that need to take place before we can break into the second phase tests then it will be roughly 45-90 days before we get to them.

The second phase optimizations occur once our campaign settings are optimized. At this point in our engagement with the client, our campaigns should be producing a 1-3x ROI. The major levers have the greatest impact on ROI and that’s why we get those right first.

Second phase optimizations include advanced bidding adjustments, ad headline pins, and keyword insertion pins. These mostly occur at the ad level - however a few tests in the adv. Bidding adj. sector occur at the campaign level. These tests will have marginal improvements to their associated KPIs and thus have a trickle down effect on ROI.

Generally speaking, campaign level tests are directly associated with form submissions/purchases while the ad level tests are associated with granular KPIs like CTR which influences the number of people that make it to the landing page.

We have a great article on our blog talking about non-rate & rate metrics that helps explain how we view campaign performance on a trend line instead of at face value.

The Optimize phase of our SOS framework concludes once we find a campaign that drives a 2-3x ROI and we have tested all first phase optimizations. We call these campaigns winning campaigns and get them ready for the next phase.

The Scale Phase

Scaling an advertising campaign on any channel is difficult. This is because of the universal law of advertising which states that when you increase marketing budget, you decrease performance. These two are inversely related and thus it poses a challenge to advertisers and businesses worldwide. We take a unique approach to combat this inefficiency - and we call it hedging. Sort of like a hedge fund in finance, we apply the same principle in the advertising world.

How we Scale Google Search Ads Campaigns

Scaling means that we are taking a campaign that is driving a ROI at a certain ad budget, and increasing that ad budget while minimally impacting the ROI of the campaign - thus realizing huge economies of scale. We are able to do this in two ways.

We create a new Google Search Ads campaign that is targeting different keywords and we repeat the Setup and Optimize phases until this campaign is ready to scale. This allows us to diversify risk of our scaling campaign reverting back to the optimize phase while creating a similar campaign using the learnings from the former campaign to get it to scale faster.

We strategically place 10% of our monthly advertising budget on another network that we apply the same settings to as our scaling campaign and track the ROI from that channel. If we are able to produce a similar ROI on that network - then we are effectively diversifying our scaling campaign to another network that can then begin to scale (bypassing the Setup and Optimize phases).

This approach can help take your $3,000 / month advertising budget all the way to $25-50K / month. Obviously the higher the monthly budget, the more changes that need to be made quickly. But this process is sound and we have made it work for our client Red Sentry in 2023. You can check out the full case study here - where we increased their yearly revenue by 280% with our SOS framework.

Comprehensive Google Ads Services Offered by Optimize Your Marketing

Creative design and copywriting concept illustration

Optimize Your Marketing provides a wide array of digital marketing services, with a strong focus on managing Google Ads. Our team is dedicated to crafting custom digital strategies that align with specific business objectives, handling paid search and media campaigns, as well as providing innovative design and writing services to support all facets of your Google Ads management needs.

We invite you to delve into the details of our offerings.

Digital Strategy Development

Every effective Google algorithm. Ads campaign is grounded in a robust digital strategy. Our approach entails setting clear objectives and gaining insights into the target demographics, which are crucial elements of an overarching digital marketing plan.

By categorizing search queries based on themes derived from search term data, we enhance our grasp of customer interests and generate demand. Tailoring each company’s digital tactics to its unique needs ensures that their campaigns—especially those utilizing Google’s Performance Max—are optimized for maximum impact.

Paid Search & Media Management

Optimize Your Marketing provides a comprehensive suite of services encompassing search engine optimization, paid search campaigns, and broader search marketing strategies that extend to social media marketing. Our approach guarantees heightened visibility and engagement across multiple channels including Google Search, the Display Network, and YouTube.

Leveraging Google’s AI technology, we tailor advertising tactics to pinpoint optimal ad formats for platforms like YouTube, Discover, and Google Search with an aim to boost conversion rates. Our service includes consolidated management of all your Google Ads campaigns via a dedicated Google Ads Manager account.

Creative Design & Copywriting

Our creative design and copywriting services are aimed at:

  • Crafting advertisements that captivate
  • Resonating deeply with the intended demographic groups
  • Employing specialized teams committed to content creation
  • Guaranteeing that both the visual and textual elements of our advertisements resonate with their audience.

To enhance ad effectiveness, we produce compelling ads paired with customized copy. We leverage a blend of generative AI along with human expertise to forge high-caliber creatives and texts. This synergy ensures optimal outcomes. The fusion of engaging designs, thoughtfully crafted messages, and state-of-the-art technology culminates in ads that markedly boost performance indicators.

Marketing Operations & AB Testing

Our commitment to achieving a greater return on investment for our clients is reflected in our persistent marketing efforts and AB testing. Our approach to refining Google Ads campaigns involves:

  • Utilizing an equilibrium of negative keywords and long-tail keywords
  • Shifting from hands-on optimization towards more automated methodologies
  • Employing artificial intelligence for ad content generation.

To improve the success rate of campaigns, we focus on:

  • Persistent surveillance and modification of campaigns
  • Modifying financial allocations guided by current performance metrics
  • Supplying comprehensive analytics and reports that assist in gauging success as well as identifying avenues for Enhancement
  • Maintaining precision in tracking conversions.

Client Communication and Collaboration

For a successful partnership between a Google Ads agency and its clientele, it is essential to maintain effective communication. At Optimize Your Marketing, we ensure this through the use of common Slack channels for swift interactions with our clients as well as frequent meetings designed to evaluate campaign performance and devise strategic plans.

By strengthening personal connections through these communicative approaches, trust can be enhanced significantly, which in turn amplifies cooperative endeavors. Consistent reports and transparent dialogue play critical roles in fostering reliability and deepening the confidence that our clients place in us.

Pricing Model and Ad Spend Recommendations

Our pricing structure begins at a monthly retainer fee of $3,000 and is designed to scale with any level of advertising spend. We advocate for an initial expenditure between $5,000 and $10,000 each month to achieve the most effective outcomes. Our management fees for Google Ads campaigns are determined as a percentage of your total ad spend—typically falling within 7-12%. For higher budgets, we provide a reduced rate in terms of percentage that also includes an upper limit on fees. Payments towards advertising spend can be processed directly by the client or through our agency. This arrangement will be clarified from the start to maintain clarity and ensure that your advertising efforts continue without interruption.

To our variable pricing based on ad spend, we offer fixed-rate plans ranging from $500 up to $4000 for campaign management. These flat rates allow clients absolute transparency regarding costs right from inception.

Success Stories and Client Testimonials

Our history of effectively managing campaigns is well-established, as evidenced by our client success stories and endorsements. Take Plaza Japan’s online hobby store, which saw its conversion rate soar by over 342%, revenue rise nearly 25%, and cost per acquisition plummet more than 78% after teaming up with us.

When it comes to choosing the top Google Ads agency, selecting one that has demonstrated repeated successes is crucial. Optimize Your Marketing recently made its debut in the marketplace as an agency specializing in Google Search Ads, bringing with it new possibilities for innovative approaches to campaign strategies.

Staying Ahead in the Ever-Changing Digital Landscape

In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, staying at the forefront is essential. Being a Google Premier Partner agency grants us privileged access to cutting-edge beta features within Google Ads, enabling us to propel our clients’ campaigns beyond their competitors.

Employing strategic insight into industry trends, carefully selecting paid media outlets, and harnessing data-driven analysis for constant optimization are ways we ensure that our clients consistently maintain an edge in digital marketing through the support of our expert digital marketing agency.

Tips for Choosing the Right Google Ads Agency

Choosing the right ads agency specializing in Google Ads is critical to the success of your marketing efforts. It’s essential to assess their proficiency and credentials, such as being recognized as a Google Premier Certified Partner. This recognition confirms that they adhere to high standards of advertising performance and are equipped to drive substantial growth for clients.

It’s important to find an agency offering tailored services with adaptable strategies that can address specific challenges and adapt to changes facing your business. Ensure their pricing structure fits within your financial plan while matching up with your intended marketing goals, thus maintaining a balance between affordability and quality service delivery.

Prioritize engaging a marketing agency that places great importance on fostering close collaboration aimed at realizing your company’s ambitions. By choosing Optimize Your Marketing, you’re partnering with an entity fully invested in propelling forward the triumphs of its clientele.


In summary, collaborating with a Google Ads agency such as Optimize Your Marketing offers several advantages. These include proficient management of your Google Ads, the luxury of saving time, enhancement in campaign performance, and access to an array of full-service options – all designed to deliver top-tier outcomes for our clients.

Selecting an appropriate Google search. Ads agency is key. We trust that this article has provided useful guidance on what considerations are important. Bear in mind that when you prosper, so do we—our dedication lies in assisting you to reach your business ambitions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main focus of the digital marketing campaigns created by the agency?

The agency concentrates its digital marketing efforts on tapping into the existing demand present within search engines and generating new interest via paid media channels, such as LinkedIn.

Such a strategy guarantees broad coverage and effectiveness in their marketing campaigns.

How does the agency optimize their campaigns?

By employing A/B testing throughout various stages and monitoring both the marketing pipeline as well as revenue, the agency enhances its campaigns through informed decision-making based on data.

This approach enables them to progressively refine their campaign strategies for increased effectiveness.

What is the agency's pricing model?

The firm presents a flexible pricing structure beginning with a $3k monthly retainer and accommodates different levels of advertising expenditure, usually advising clients to allocate between $5k and $10k per month.

Such an approach allows for adaptability and personalization in order to meet the diverse budgetary needs associated with advertising.

How does the agency communicate with clients?

Utilizing a shared Slack channel, the agency maintains open and efficient lines of communication with clients while also convening regular meetings to assess performance metrics and strategize about upcoming campaigns.

What services does the agency provide?

The agency offers a complete suite of services, including digital strategy, marketing operations, and A/B testing, as well as paid search and media. It also delivers creative design and copywriting to fulfill a diverse array of requirements.

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