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B2B SaaS (Wildlife Tech)

PPC & Social Media Marketing for Wildlife Management Software

Optimize Your Marketing helped create PPC & Social Media campaigns that resulted in 2x ROI in 90 days as well as designed a completely new Webflow Website.
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PPC, Paid Media, and Web Design
A brand new website optimized for SEO & UX + 2x ROI
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John Ayers
HuntPro, General Manager

About HuntPro

HuntPro offers a wildlife management solution. They are in a relatively new & exciting space, however their digital marketing presence was lacking. They approached Optimize to help with their inbound marketing deal flow, as well as build out a new website.

They were a pleasure to work with. They accomplished the complete web build in less than 4 weeks and built awesome PPC campaigns that starting priming our pipeline with qualified prospects.

John Ayers

The Optimize Strategy

Web Design

The HuntPro team wanted things done ASAP - which posed a bit of a challenge when it came time to present the new website design. Their existing site was built on wix, with no CMS functionality, pixelated images, no feature pages, and a myriad of other missing (and crucial) elements that factor into a great inbound website experience. We originally pitched the project in a 3 month timeline - but their lead wanted it done in 4 weeks. Crazy - both that they expected it in 1/3 of the time, and that we accepted 😂 We busted our butts to complete the site in just enough time to spare. The site added an additional 20 pages of robust content that covered the software's functionality, as well as thought leadership content that was indexable by Google's search.

PPC Campaigns

Now that the website was squared away - it was time to put this website to the test. We developed PPC campaigns that targeted ranch owners and big B2B buyer's search intents in Google. We setup an optimized campaign from the start of our engagement that used industry standard best practices in the opimization space. Then we further developed this campaign with strategic AB testing to continually increase ROAS from every successful AB test we initiated.

Their communication skills were exceptional for an agency their size. We were always able to get in contact with Ian if we needed him.

John Ayers


After the website launch, the website garnered a 300% increase in search impressions over the next 90 days from the pages that we developed, the PPC campaigns boasted a 2x ROAS in 90 days and overall the inbound system was created. We enjoyed our engagement with HuntPro and wish them the best with their future endeavors.

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