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Whitelabel Digital Marketing Services

Google Ads, SMM & PPC Services for Digital Marketing Solutions Agency

Optimize Your Marketing was hired by a digital marketing solutions agency to augment their marketing efforts and manage ongoing and new digital ad campaigns. The team's main focus is on Google, Meta, and LinkedIn.
Client Name
Dodeka Digital
PPC, Social Media Marketing, LinkedIn Ads, and Meta Ads
Optimize has allowed Dodeka to add additional revenue streams using Optimize's Whitelabel advertising & optimization services
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Weaver Ellard

About Dodeka Digital

Dodeka Digital is another digital marketing agency, similar to Optimize, however they focus primarily on fractional CMO work through strategy, team leadership, and creative design. Weaver approached Ian from Optimize to ad additional services to Dodeka Digital in an effort to execute on the strategy & leadership that they were providing to their B2B SaaS clients/

Optimize immediately plugged into our team as a valuable contributor in the Digital Marketing space. Their knowledge and flexibility have played a key role in the excellent metrics we have seen across our projects. Each campaign we have hired Optimize for has been a net success and driven desired outcomes.

Weaver Ellard

The Optimize Strategy

Paid Advertising Revenue Streams

We have helped Dodeka Digital provide full funnel fractional CMO advisory & execution services which has drastically improved their client's average customer lifetime value. We provide pay per click advertising solutions in a whitelabel fashion that allows us to work under the Dodeka brand, however we use all of the functions and efficiencies of Optimize Your Marketing to execute projects on their behalf. Because of this combo, we have seen incredible results from this agency collaboration.

The most impressive thing about Optimize is the dynamic nature in which they work. As we test and ideate different campaigns they are moving fluidly to adapt and optimize (no pun intended) our digital marketing efforts.

Weaver Ellard


We have been working with Dodeka Digital in a whitelabel service engagement for well over a year and haven't had a single client churn due to advertising initiatives. These kinds of collaborations help everyone involved - both agencies and the client. We are excited to continue working with Dodeka Digital as time goes on.

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