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B2B SaaS (Underwriting Industry)

Optimization & Marketing for Custom Software Dev Company

Optimize Your Marketing provides ongoing SEO, web design, and product demos for an underwriting software company. The goal is to optimize the client's online presence and showcase their unique value proposition.
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SEO & PPC Campaigns
Increased Brand Recognition and 2x ROI in the first 90 Days
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Suneetha Sajja
Roxwrite, Account Executive

About Roxwrite

Roxwrite is an automated underwriting software. Being in a very niche, and competitive space, they were struggling with their digital marketing efforts and so they approached Optimize Your Marketing to build out an efficient SEO feedback loop & to optimize their PPC campaigns.

Since partnering with Optimize, our website traffic and engagement has grown by 40%. More prospects are finding us online, and sales opportunities are up. We're now positioned as the go-to, stand-out software vendor in our underwriting market.

Suneetha Sajja

The Optimize Strategy

PPC Campaigns

Roxwrite already had a great website developed in Webflow by the time we were retained to help with their PPC efforts. Their Google & Bing Ads were driving a .5 ROAS and wasted spend in a lot of areas. We identified those areas in our discovery phase and setup optimized campaigns that would be optimized with industry standard optimization techniques. From there, we incorporated a robust AB testing strategy to capture more ROAS iteratively each and every time we found a successful test.


Part of our retainer was to help with technical & on page SEO. We did this by performing an extensive SEO audit, then idenitfying shortcomings that could be optimized. We found keywords that could be placed in the Title, Meta, and slugs of each of the high intent pages on their website, as well as found internal linking opportunities to create pillar page content clusters. This helped increase their pages position in Google.

I was hesitant using an agency because I’ve previously had bad experiences with timeliness. Not the case with optimize! Ian did a great job of communicating weekly with me and updating me on progress/results.

Suneetha Sajja


Roxwrite recognized a +2 ROAS from their PPC campaigns (4x increase from their previous metrics) and they also saw a 200% increase in impressions & 15% increase in clicks for terms that we conducted SEO for. We continue to provide strategic services for Roxwrite and look forward to continuing that relationship.

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