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B2B SaaS (Factoring Industry)

SEO Services & Marketing for SaaS Company

A SaaS company hired Optimize Your Marketing for SEO and marketing services. The team was responsible for PPC advertising, social media management and strategy, and updating the client's website.
Client Name
SEO, PPC, & Social Media Marketing
From Page 2 to #1 for the term Invoice Factoring Software in Google in 90 Days
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Johnny Bond
FactorCloud, CEO

About FactorCloud

FactorCloud is a B2B SaaS that works in the very niche space of factoring. They approached Ian and the Optimize team to help with their inbound marketing efforts in the form of SEO & PPC advertising.

"Extremely responsive and effective. I couldn’t give a stronger endorsement. They were able to take our brand from a relatively unknown product to the #1 organic search. Remarkable work."

Johnny Bond

The Optimize Strategy


We conducted an extensive SEO audit and uncovered technical and on page optimizations that could quickly get FactorCloud on page 1 of Google. We completed those audit action items and submitted their website for a priority crawl in Google Search Console. After we did that, we worked on building out their blog collection on their website & even migrated their whole site over to a new web builder called Webflow to help modernize their brand.

Paid Advertising

We started running Google & Bing ads campaigns in 2 unique ways.

  1. We bid on all the industry related terms that we wanted to rank #1 for in the Google Search. We did this to protect the brand of FactorCloud, as well. This means that we bid on our brand terms so that other competitors could not outrank us in the Google search.
  2. We bid on all of FactorCloud's competitors branded terms and outranked them all when someone searched for the competitor. We strategically constructed landing pages that spoke to FactorCloud's strengths and the competitor's weaknesses so that when someone was searching for FactorCloud's competitors, we had a chance to steal them as new customers.

Marketing worked with FactorCloud to increase SEO, they helped with pay-per-click marketing and managed our website and social media. They drove us to #1 organic search result on Google, and helped develop a strategy as to which search terms we bid on. Ian determined who we targeted and the best way to approach them - driving material inbound lead generation.

Johnny Bond


FactorCloud recognized the #1 position in Google for Invoice Factoring Software in 90 days, they saw a 50% increase in inbound leads from our paid advertising solutions, and mentioned that they received a significantly increased brand exposure and awareness from conferences and show that they attended. It was amazing getting to work with FactorCloud and we continue to provide strategy & AB testing recommendations to help continue to increase their digital marketing efforts.

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